Video goes behind the scenes at SI Camp

Video goes behind the scenes at SI Camp

09 February 2015

A video showing the behind the scenes footage from the recent SI Camp held at Crumlin Road Gaol has been uploaded to YouTube.

Late last year, SI Camp joined forces with the Building Change Trust to hold its first major event in Northern Ireland and it didn’t disappoint. Students from various disciplines, colleges and universities, came together to find digital solutions to some of the most pressing social issues affecting local communities, with the day spent solving a live social challenge and developing concepts to help end users.

For everyone who was there, sharing this video is a great opportunity to show your friends just how hard you were working. For everyone else, you can see exactly what happens when SI Camp open the event doors to challenge owners, software developers, students and creative thinkers.

Nine challenges were tackled on the day, with challenger owners presenting their issues at the start of the event. As one of the many students taking part on the day, Ryan who is studying product design, tackled the issue of bringing isolated individuals back into the community.

Glenda Davis from Sandy Row Community Forum (SRCF) wanted to look at ways that the SRCF could use individualised household data in order to create a strong community. She said: “I am here today to find a solution to the long standing problem that we have faced in engaging the community, and we are hoping to find a digital way to do that".

A spokesperson from Volunteer Now said: “We are here today because we want to look at our social media messages and how we engage the public.” Their key aim was to use technology to match volunteers with the best and most rewarding opportunities.

Paul Braithwaite, Development and Implementation Officer, Building Change Trust said: “We have funded this project, which culminates at this event, as part of our work on Social Innovation. One of the ways that we can support this is through events like this, which bring together people from various backgrounds who otherwise wouldn’t be together to see what they can come up with".


Patricia Flanaghan, Project Manager, SI Camp: “The primary goal of the day was to come up with innovative, potential tech solutions to these challenges. The main principle behind SI Camp is ‘Tech for Social Good’ and this is something that we are hoping to build on in Northern Ireland in the coming months".

Prizes were made available to take the best ideas forward, with the overall winner going to the team who worked on the challenge from NOW to find a way to improve and expand the JAM (Just A Minute) card for users and businesses.

You can see and share the video by clicking here