Loan from Building Better Futures Fund helps provide vital counselling services

Loan from Building Better Futures Fund helps provide vital counselling services

12 September 2017

The Building Better Futures Loan Fund, a collaboration between the Trust, UCIT and the Belfast Charitable Society, has made another great loan. 

Launched in 2010, Jigsaw Community Counselling Centre seeks to improve the lives of those living in North Belfast through the provision of a caring, professional and confidential counselling service. Each year up to 1,700 clients benefit from Jigsaw’s services which includes schools counselling, mentoring and art therapy. The organisation has acquired a loan facility from the Building Better Futures Fund to cover short term working capital costs.

Community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises can access loans through the Building Better Futures scheme which has been created and funded through a partnership between three leading local charities - Belfast Charitable Society, Building Change Trust and Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT).

Belfast Charitable Society was established in 1752 to tackle disadvantage and poverty and in doing so it built the Poor House and Belfast’s first Infirmary, which remains as Clifton House. Today, the Society continues to work to tackle disadvantage and promote philanthropy while sharing its vast heritage with others.

The £1 Million fund which is being managed by UCIT provides small unsecured loans of £1,000 - £25,000 which cannot currently be raised from traditional sources. The loans can be used for a wide range of purposes, including buildings and repairs, equipment purchase, making facilities more energy efficient or funding shortfalls in larger grant assisted projects.

Further information about the Building Better Futures scheme is available by contacting UCIT on 028 9031 5003.