Trust publish Social Innovation Research

Trust publish Social Innovation Research

05 June 2013

The Building Change Trust is continuing its commitment to Social Innovation in Northern Ireland with the publication of new research.

The Trust recently commissioned the Young Foundation and local consultancy firm RSM McClure Watters to carry out research into social innovation in Northern Ireland.

Social Innovation is one of the main areas of work the Trust is interested in investing in the coming years and there is a commitment on the behalf of the Trust to supporting its expansion.

Carried out by a mixture of desk research, study visits and discussions with those already working in the field, this research is intended as an introduction to the field and an indication of its significance at a time of deepening recession.

Looking at Social Innovation in Northern Ireland, the research argues while there are significant examples of social innovation developing in different parts of the country, there is a lack of widespread understanding of the concept and of what it can achieve.

At present Northern Ireland lacks the infrastructure to grow and develop social innovation, but the research concluded by detailing an approach to support social innovators across the country and mobilise stakeholders across different sectors to achieve the widespread and radical change that is required to meet the complex challenges communities will face in the future.

Trust Administrator, Nigel McKinney, said: “The field of social innovation is gaining momentum around the world. The concept is increasingly becoming part of the language of policy makers.

“Governments, businesses and foundations are beginning to make significant investments in supporting, managing and growing innovations to meet the social challenges of the future.

“Despite the growing levels of interest, the concept is not always clearly defined or well understood.

“We at the Trust are dedicated to continuing the development of Social Innovation in Northern Ireland, and believe research such as this is an important milestone in realising where we are, as well as mapping out where we would like to go with this exciting area of work”.

The research is available to download in summary form, as well as, the full technical report.