Trust Showcases Work at Stormont
Building Change Trust Chair Bill Osborne (left) with Lord Morrow MLA (centre) and Trust Director Margaret Henry.

Trust Showcases Work at Stormont

23 March 2016

This week saw the Building Change Trust get together with all its partners at the Long Gallery Stormont to showcase our work.

The event was an informal affair, opened by Lord Morrow, who outlined the importance of the Trust’s work in all of our key areas – Social Finance, Inspiring Impact, Collaboration, Social Innovation and Creative Space for Civic Thinking.

A number of MLAs were in attendance to hear about our work from our partners including, the Alliance Party’s Chris Little, Sinn Fein’s Brownyn McGahan and the DUP’s Trevor Clarke.

As well as being an opportunity for the Trust and its partners to share their work with MLAs, it was also an opportunity to network and to find out about each other’s work.

The Trust’s Director of Operations, Nigel McKinney, said: “For the Trust, this was a great event and a great opportunity for us to get our message to an audience that will help embed and develop our legacy.

‘’We close our doors in 2018 and it is important for us to ensure the lessons we have learned are passed on to key decision makers in government at all levels.

“We look forward to engaging with policy makers and elected representatives even more between now and 2018”.