Trust Helping to Encourage Collaboration
Bill Osborne at the launch of CDM Community Transport.

Trust Helping to Encourage Collaboration

20 September 2013

Bill Osborne, The Building Change Trust’s Chairperson, recently spoke at the launch of CDM Community Transport.

CDM Community Transport was formed in May 2013 following the merger of  Cookstown Rural Community Transport (CRCT) and Dungannon & District Community Transport (DDCT), with support from the Building Change Trust’s Collaboration Enabling Fund and Collaboration NI.

Brigid Scullion, Manager of CDM Community Transport, said: “In merging both the Cookstown and Dungannon Community Transport charities we are able to increase efficiencies and enable more resources to be invested in what we do best, help people.

“The merger was made possible because both charities had the same ethos and moral commitment to providing affordable, accessible transport solutions”.

CDM is committed to providing a transport option to members who have difficulty or are unable to access transport in the Cookstown and Dungannon areas.

There are a range of services available including: ‘Dial a Lift’ – for rural dwellers to access local everyday services, disability action services and a ‘Link Service’ providing improved access to public transport.

Encouraging this type of merger is a key part of the work being carried out by the Trust across the Community and Voluntary Sector in Northern Ireland.

Trust Director of Operations, Nigel McKinney said: “The Trust are dedicated to the key areas of Social Innovation, Social Finance, Impact Measurement, Creative Space for Civic Thinking and Leadership.

"As well as this, they are also committed to working in the area of collaboration and supporting groups through initiatives such as the Collaboration Enabling Fund”.