Trust Appoints New Addition to Board of Trustees

Trust Appoints New Addition to Board of Trustees

25 October 2012

The Building Change Trust is proud to announce an exciting new addition to its board of Trustees.

Catherine Cooke, Co-ordinator of Foyle Women’s Information Network (FWIN), has joined the board and will be a valuable addition, helping the board continue its work in making the Northern Ireland Community and Voluntary Sector and more effective and efficient place.

In her role with FWIN, Catherine provides an essential, safe forum for women from culturally diverse localities and communities of disadvantage to access information, education, training and support.

FWIN’s diverse membership gives Catherine a broad overview of local women’s needs in the Derry/Londonderry area and leads to the development of strategic alliances in order to tackle inequalities collectively.

An activist since 1987, Catherine is heavily involved with local, grassroots voluntary work. She is chair of the Regeneration forum, represents the community and voluntary sector on the Strategy Board for the One Plan for the City initiative and is currently chair of the North West Peace III cluster group.

She is involved with Women Into Politics, First Housing Aid and Support Services, the Policing and Community Safety Partnership, Women Into Public Life and Women without Borders.

Catherine has been involved in many peace initiatives – she helped set up a mobile interface monitoring forum to help reduce tensions and keep people safe on each side of the interface.

In addition to this she has trained women in mediation and negotiation skills to help them relieve tensions on the interfaces and recently addressed an international conference on issues women face during conflict and lessons learned.

Bill Osborne, Chair of the Board of Trustees said: “We are proud to welcome Catherine to the board of Trustees and look forward to continuing the Trust’s work with her on board.

“She has a background in the Community and Voluntary Sector going back 25 years and this experience will be invaluable when going forward and making Northern Ireland’s Third Sector a more efficient and effective place”.