Techies in Residence 2 Underway

Techies in Residence 2 Underway

04 April 2017

There was a huge amount of interest for the second Techies in Residence programme; from an excellent range of high quality proposals, seven organisations were selected and have just begun work on an amazing variety of projects.

This unique programme is part of the Tech for Good Movement in which the Third sector and tech experts join forces to harness the power of digital technology to make big changes to social problems.

A pilot project was held in 2016 delivering positive results and new insights into this collaborative way of working in which digital experts from the private sector are paired with smart, talented people from the VCSE sector to use technology to help organisations find innovative ways to communicate and make real social impact.

The seven organisations began work with their techies at the end of March and all projects will be completed by early June.

Paul Braithwaite, who heads up the Trust’s work in Social Innovation, said: “The response to Techies in Residence 2 has been overwhelmingly positive with a really strong group of VCSE organisations combined with technical experts who have a track record of developing successful innovative solutions to complex problems.”

“With just ten weeks to deliver results, the teams will be working hard to make the most of this opportunity,” he added.

The seven groups are:

  • Specialisterne NI and Logicearth Learning Services Ltd: Exploring a digital solution to social communication workshops for people on the Autism spectrum and employers.
  • GSAP (Greater Shantallow Partnership and Oli (Outside Looking In): The development of a prototype app for a North Townlands Heritage Trail.
  • Ulster Architectural Heritage Society and Declan McDonough - building a system that will allow the cataloguing of heritage stock.
  • Women’s Aid Federation NI and Aerona Software: Developing an interactive portal that will allow people to get information about healthy relationships and domestic violence/abuse, as well as information about the help and support that is available to them if they are in an abusive relationship.
  • Arthritis Care and Blackstaff Games: An app for young people with arthritis allowing them to positively take control of their disease, better communicate with others and improve their wellbeing.
  • Focus on Family and Digital Key: Creating a digital resource to enhance visits to The Cornfield, a greenfield space for local communities in Millburn and Ballysally estates.
  • The Old Library Trust Healthy Living Centre.