Inspiring Impact Marketplace Workshop Held

Inspiring Impact Marketplace Workshop Held

10 May 2013

The journey towards shaping a Development Plan for the Inspiring Impact initiative in Northern Ireland has continued with the hosting of an interactive workshop by the Building Change Trust (The Trust) on the theme of ‘Data Tools and Systems’.

The Trust invited Substance, a GB based social research cooperative, to present their initial work on the development of a new online marketplace which aims to provide Charities, social enterprises and funders with access to the best data, tools and systems to measure their social impact.

The event held in Malone House, attracted a diverse group of delegates from voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations along with government departments, funders and impact practitioners.

Inspiring Impact is a UK wide initiative that aims to change the way community and voluntary organisations think about impact, and to help them make significant improvements to their practice over the next 10 years.

The Building Change Trust is one of the Inspiring Impact UK coalition partners and is working with Community Evaluation Northern Ireland (CENI) to help develop a plan for Inspiring Impact in Northern Ireland by June 2013.

Speaking at the event, Tim Crabbe, Chair and Director of Strategy with Substance said: “Today’s session enabled delegates to share the learning that has informed developments to date and explore the ways in which they have identified and accessed tools previously.

“The workshop provided a useful platform for us to present initial design concepts for the new marketplace and for delegates to critique, develop and vote on new feature requests.”

Trust Administrator, Nigel McKinney, said: “Voluntary and community organisations exist to make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable and deprived in our society.

“Good ‘impact practice’ is about these organisations being able to assess what that difference is and how it can be improved on.

“This workshop was about understanding how we can best help organisations to identify and access the most appropriate tools to do this”.  

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