Building Change Trust publishes outcomes of Social Economy Conversations

Building Change Trust publishes outcomes of Social Economy Conversations

20 March 2012

In January and February 2012 the Building Change Trust (the Trust) facilitated a series of seminar and workshop discussions on the social economy, with Charity Bank.

Interested in the ongoing discussion around the social economy, The Trust was leading a discussion to find out what is necessary to stimulate action and growth within it.

Posing a number of questions around skills development, the use of assets and better working relationships, seminar and workshop events focussed on how we might promote sustainable social and organisational change; enabling the third sector to lead and deliver transformation at all levels.

Importantly these events provided everyone with an opportunity to get involved in ideas generation to map out a way forward so we as a sector can work better together. Overall, the consensus from the meetings was that organisations recognised the need to drive sector development themselves, co-operatively and collaboratively.

There was a clear view that the sector should no longer wait for government to set its priorities and objectives, but to become more self-reliant, sustainable and resilient.

Charlie Fisher, Building Change Trust Co-Ordinator, said: “We are pleased with the outcomes of these events and feel they have provided an excellent foundation for moving forward as a sector.

“We were able to identify our collective strengths and weaknesses, as well as map out where we want to be and how we want to influence policy as well as enact a positive change within Northern Ireland”.

Niamh Goggin, Regional Manager of Charity Bank, said: “It was great to see the social economy sector in Northern Ireland coming together in a spirit of co-operation and 'can-do'.  

"It was about what we can contribute together to solving social and economic problems in Northern Ireland, moving away from dependence on grants and government”.

For a copy of the full report, please click here.