Building Change Trust host successful Social Innovation event

Building Change Trust host successful Social Innovation event

28 February 2012

Creativity, new ways of thinking and trying to be more and more socially innovative were subjects for discussion at the latest Building Change Trust event.

Hosted at Groundwork Northern Ireland’s offices in North Belfast, the event invited participants to come along and be part of a discussion about how the community and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland can become more innovative.

Kat Beutrick from East Belfast Enterprise spoke about the role of digital media and the need for organisations not to fear using this as a dynamic and effective marketing tool.

Participants also heard from Lauren Currie, Co-Founder of Snook – a design company who try to help communities and organisations become more innovative in their approach to delivering services to users and stakeholders.

Finally, Glen Mehn from Social Innovation Camp talked about how they can help companies to use new technologies in innovative ways to effect social change.

Trust Administrator Nigel McKinney, attended the event and believes there were a lot of great ideas to come out of the sessions: “This was a great event allowing the community and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland to really have a look at how it can be more innovative in the future.

“The Trust is dedicated to effecting positive change in the sector and feel sessions like these could prove invaluable in achieving this.

“There will always be the need to think in innovative ways to deliver services, develop new services and tell people about the work we do. By being innovative and creative we can engage with more people and help change their lives for the better.

“We feel we have started to learn from innovative practices from elsewhere, to better use digital media, and to identify barriers to innovation.

“Becoming more innovative is a journey and with events like this one, we have taken a step in the right direction”.

Click here to view a short video on the event with thoughts from participants and key-note speakers.