Building Change Trust boosts the social economy.

Building Change Trust boosts the social economy.

17 January 2012

A series of special events co-hosted by the Building Change Trust will help promote and encourage sustainability in the social economy sector.

Working Better Together -The Building Change Trust Social Economy Conversations, are being held at venues in Derry, Irivinestown and Belfast.

Providing an opportunity for the social economy sector to explore self-sufficiency and entrepreneurism, this is a particularly timely event, in light of the onset of public sector cuts and widespread austerity measures.

Nigel McKinney, Administrator at the Building Change Trust believes; “A key question for all of us working in the third sector is; ‘How can we as a sector work better together?

“Do we need to further develop our skills and capabilities and if so, then how can this be done?

“The Building Change Trust is interested in the ongoing discussion around the social economy and in finding what is necessary to stimulate action and growth within it.
“Organisations must collectively make better use of our assets and grow our asset bases, as well as helping support one another.

“At this event, we will examine how this can be achieved.”

A key focus of Working Better Together will be the promotion of sustainable social and organisational change; enabling the sector to lead and deliver transformation at all levels.

Event delegates will hear the shared experiences of local practitioners, working within and providing support to the voluntary and community sector.

These practitioners will help form an understanding of what constitutes the social economy and how it might be developed.

Importantly, there will also be opportunities to get involved in ideas generation to map out a way forward so the sector can work better together to improve wider society.