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Inspiring Impact NI Development Plan

Plan, drawn up by CENI and commissioned by the Building Change Trust, outlining the potential development of Inspiring Impact NI and better impact measurement across the Northern Ireland Community and Voluntary Sector. 

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Measuring Change

Seminar document explaining how impact measurement works to help define, capture and show change in a range of community settings as illustrated through a series of case studies.

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Measuring Change: Collaborative Approach

CENI: Measuring Change: A Collaborative Approach to Outcomes Measurement (2012)

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Measuring the Impact

CENI: Measuring the Impact of Voluntary and Community Activity: Some Reflections - Seminar Paper (26 October 2010, Dr Mike Morrissey).

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Measuring Up

CENI: Measuring UP: A Review of Evaluation Practice in the Voluntary and Community Sector (2010)

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Impact Measurement Consultation Seminar

The report of a consultation seminar on impact measurement held by the Building Change Trust on 9 December 2011.

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