Inspiring Impact in Northern Ireland

Inspiring Impact in Northern Ireland

18 October 2012

Building Change Trust is pleased to announce that it has developed a strategic partnership with CENI for the development of Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland.

Inspiring Impact is a UK wide programme that aims to

change the way community and voluntary organisations and those that support and fund them think about impact. Its aim is to make high quality impact measurement the norm for the sector by 2022.

In practice this will mean more organisations measuring their social impact, using the data they collect to increase their impact and sharing what they learn with others to ensure that every pound spent on community and voluntary activity makes the biggest
possible difference.

Inspiring Impact is run being run by the sector for the
sector and is a collaboration of eight UK organisations including The
Building Change Trust.

Work has already started in GB to confront the challenges
around impact measurement;

  • What does good impact measurement look like?
  • How do we know what we need to measure?
  • How do we measure it?
  • How can we compare with and learn from others?
  • What’s the role for funders?

Over the next 6 – 9 months CENI will on behalf of Trust be
implementing a planning and development process for Inspiring Impact in Northern Ireland.

The aim of this process is to both link the existing GB projects to Northern Ireland but also to identify and support the development of specific Northern Ireland projects.

One early project in Northern Ireland has already been identified and agreed by the Trust Board who have agreed grant aid to the Association of Charitable Foundations for the development of Funders for Impact in Northern Ireland.

Further information will be made available as the initiative develops including details of how to get involved.