Inspiring Impact Helps on Journey to Employment
Trust Director of Operations, Nigel McKinney (left), at the NEETS event at Youth Action.

Inspiring Impact Helps on Journey to Employment

31 January 2014

The Building Change Trust’s Inspiring Impact NI initiative recently worked with the NEETS Forum, co-ordinated by the Bryson Charitable Group, to deliver a detailed briefing on the background to and benefits of the framework.

They also considered the need, and potential for, the framework to be updated and piloted with Northern Ireland organisations working to support young people back into employment.

Developed by New Philanthropy Capital as part of the UK wide Inspiring Impact initiative, The Journey to Employment framework presents the key factors and a comprehensive framework of tools and indicators, helping those working with young people understand, and measure, the impact they have on the journey to employment.

The Framework is a ‘shared measurement approach’ meaning organisations doing similar work have, and can share, their common understanding of what to measure and how to measure it.

By adopting a shared measurement approach, organisations can find it easier to learn from each other, save money on the costs of developing their own measurement tools, and build the evidence base on what works.

The Journey to Employment Framework, developed through Inspiring Impact,  is now being piloted with a number of youth support charities across England and there is a hope it can, and will, be adopted in Northern Ireland.

Building Change Trust Director of Operations, Nigel McKinney said: “The Trust believes that the difference an organisation makes is what’s important.

“Inspiring Impact NI is providing the knowledge and support for Northern Ireland’s community, voluntary and social enterprise organisations to consider, plan, measure and demonstrate the difference they make and to use impact information for learning and continual improvement.

“We are hopeful that we can work with a range of organisations and their funders working with NEET young people in Northern Ireland ultimately to help ensure that young people get the best possible services and support to equip them for work”.