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Action needed to support collaboration in VCSE

The report of a seminar and discussion held on 28 September 2017 which looked at the impact of collaboration in VCSE organisations on their beneficiaries and considered actions needed by the sector, funders and policy makers to support collaboration in the future.

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The impact of collaboration on beneficiaries

Research report into the impact of collaboration on the beneficiaries of VCSE organisations in Northern Ireland commissioned from the Institute for Voluntary Action Research by Building Change Trust

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CollaborationNI Phase Two Evaluation

Evaluation of Phase Two of the Trust's CollaborationNI programme. Published in January 2016.

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Unpicking Commissioning

'Unpicking Commissioning' presentation given at CollaborationNI's 'Future Proofing the Sector' event in November 2014. 

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Future Proofing the Sector

Presentation given at CollaborationNI's 'Future Proofing the Sector' event in November 2014.

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IVAR report into Collaboration in Northern Ireland

A report, commissioned by the Trust, compiled by IVAR, into what needs to be done to further help to encourage collaboration in Northern Ireland's Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector. 

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Mergers and Collaboration - A Report on the Issues

Notes of a Chatham House Rule discussion held with a range of stakeholders from across the community and voluntary sector held at VSB on 27 January 2010, facilitated by Colin Stutt and organised by the Building Change Trust in partnership with NICVA and CO3

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