What Twitter was saying at ogpbelfast

What Twitter was saying at ogpbelfast

22 May 2014

The Twitter-sphere came alive last week when the Building Change Trust hosted a seminar on the potential implementation of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in Northern Ireland. 

Under the hashtag #ogpbelfast those who attended the event at the Riddel Hall shared their experiences and here are just a few of the key discussion points. Do you agree? Get in touch @ChangeTrust: 

Nicola McCrudden ‏@nicmccrudden: How can we promote and encourage public participation in Gov? Big question, big challenge but we're up for it. #ogpbelfast@ChangeTrust 

Paul Smyth ‏@Wiseabap: Learning about the movement for Open Government around the world from @TimJHughes Wonder is there anyone from NI govt here? #ogpbelfast 

Patrick Corrigan ‏@PatrickCorrigan: Nat O'Connor of @TASCblog says there is slow but steady progress twds open government in RoI but advises: "it's a long game." #ogpbelfast 

BuildingChangeTrust @ChangeTrust: @TimJHughes tech is great enabler but #opengov doesn't have to be techie - don't forget face to face engagement #ogpbelfast 

Vol Arts Ireland ‏@V_Arts_Ireland: We're at #ogpbelfast today - good to see the open government movement in Northern Ireland #voluntaryartsweek 

YouthnetNI ‏@YouthnetNI : Patrick Corrigan reminds us of OFMDFM record in releasing information yet public commitment to transparency!!#ogpbelfast@ChangeTrust 

Paul Smyth ‏@Wiseabap : Catalogue of failures from @niexecutive says @PatrickCorrigan - eg lack of sexual orientation strategy #ogpbelfast 

Brian Cleland ‏@briancleland: Civic Forum would be start. MT @ShriekingGreek: @PatrickCorrigan "open govt" is oxymoron in NI. If only GFA properly implemented #ogpbelfast 

John McManus @johnmcmanus1986 : @Lisamcelherron 'I'm excited about open government+more specifically open data +the potential to develop evidence based policy' #ogpbelfast 

@CorryCommunity:@mickfealty @PatrickCorrigan @ChangeTrust involvement of the individual/the people is critical #ogpbelfast@ChangeTrust 

Stephen Gray @StephenGray: RT @ChangeTrust: Q from @nigelmckinney - should we set up NI OGP network for civil society? Resounding yes from panellists #ogpbelfast 

Over the coming months the Trust will play a key role in supporting this progress. For further information on the Trust’s work in this area, keep up to date by clicking here or follow us on Twitter @ChangeTrust.