Who are the Young Foundation

Who are the Young Foundation

21 October 2014

As part of our work on Social Innovation, the Trust are working closely with The Young Foundation. But, just who are they? Here's a brief run down...

The Young Foundation is a leading independent centre for disruptive social innovation. Their aim is to create a more equal and just society, through research, applied innovation and ventures.

The Foundation harnesses the power of disruptive innovation to address the causes of inequality, with innovation based on research, partnerships and practical problem solving.

They have created projects that are opening up new paths to power for marginalised people at the local level.

In the last five years they have launched 60 programmes and 138 publications across the country.

As a politically alert but non-partisan organisation they listen to people and seek solutions to the problems facing communities.

The Young Foundation has prioritised work in four areas: health, wellbeing and ageing; young people, learning and work; resilient communities and housing, and social innovation and investment.

They seek to understand what makes some communities more resilient than others and they aim to encourage neighbourly contact, feelings of belonging and influence over local institutions.

The Young Foundation takes its name from the social entrepreneur, activist and pioneer, Michael Young. Michael brought together innovative collaborations to solve social problems.

His legacy includes the Open University, Which? and NHS Direct. The Young Foundation exists to continue and build on Michael’s work.

It was announced recently that some £3million will go into the Young Foundation’s new project to support social entrepreneurs who are tackling inequality in education.

The Young Academy will run over four years, training social enterprises and supporting them to transform the way young people are prepared for life.

The Young Foundation’s programme includes a social investment fund of £1.5million that will invest directly in highly innovative social enterprises.

This activity is supported by the Cabinet Office Social Incubator Fund, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Esmée Fairbairn, Metropolitan Housing Association and UBS.

Together they aim to create a wider movement of social ventures that shares the Young Foundation’s commitment to creating an education system fit for the 21st century.

To find out more about The Young Foundation please visit: http://youngfoundation.org/

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Jackie Redpath

"Fitting legacy for Sir Micheal: this approach desperately needed!"