Upcoming Initiatives - SI Camp

Upcoming Initiatives - SI Camp

16 September 2014

In partnership with the Building Change Trust, Social Innovation Camp will be running a series of events in Northern Ireland to help people use technology for social good during autumn 2014.

Social Innovation Camp was set up to bring together software developers with social innovators to find solutions to social problems.

During one weekend, a diverse range of people and participants organise themselves into teams and help make raw ideas into a working prototype – complete with working software. They use technology to work on problems in healthcare and ageing, education and employment, and the sustainability of the environment and local communities.

Social Innovation Camp was first created and run in the UK. Now the camps are spreading quickly around the world, even as far as Nigeria, South Korea, Australia, the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan, with the founding team in London helping to set up a unique version in each location. 

Glen Mehn, Managing Director, Social Innovation Camp, explains why these events are so important: “The web and related technologies hold huge potential to create change in many different ways: how people hold those in positions of power accountable; who they rely on to provide the services they need to live healthy, happy lives; or how they make a difference to something that affects them.

"But for any of this to happen, we have to understand what people really need and start building the technology that can help – which is what Social Innovation Camp is all about".

One of the most successful social ventures to date has been Enabled by Design. This is a community of people passionate about well-designed everyday products for people with physical disabilities. The site allows you to post a review of a product you love or make a suggestion for a better design.

The idea is to match up users of assistive equipment with designers who can make it better. 

Social Innovation Camp recognises that the web has had a huge impact on the way we live our lives, and it will continue to do so in coming years.

They believe that the real web revolution is only beginning and that we need to adapt quickly to stay ahead of the trend. Soon the web will affect every aspect of how society conducts itself.

Is your organisation ready?

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