Trust at Imagine Belfast - #DontBinYourVoice

Trust at Imagine Belfast - #DontBinYourVoice

02 March 2016

For the second year running, the Trust is sponsoring one of Belfast’s most exciting festivals – the Imagine Festival of Politics and Ideas. This year we are running our Civic Activism Series which features a wide range of events.

Next up is the brilliant #DontBinYourVoice event with the Corrymeela Community which is being held at Castle Place in Belfast on Wednesday 16th March, from 2pm top 4pm.

Words will (and do) shape our thoughts and actions. For example, the stories we tell each other about our new local councils will influence how we think about local government, our hopes & expectations and whether/how we decide to relate to our council.

Whilst many of the stories we tell each other about politics might be cynical and hopeless, what if we changed the story and began talking about what is working, what we would like more of, what gives us pride and hope in our areas and in each other, what are we prepared to do and what might we need to let go of.

What if we started from a different beginning: that our new council delivers important services that matter to our neighbourhoods; that they are the first point of contact for many people engaging in local politics; and that they have increased powers as a result of local government reform and carry a significant civic leadership role.

And why don’t we begin with bins – for many people the one service that everyone gets from their council?

This event will use bins both as a prop and a metaphor in a live street performance to trigger interest and curiosity among passers-by about what living well together means for them within their families, neighbourhoods and wider council area and the relationships that make this possible.

This includes relationships with the council and other key public service providers.

This event will be informed by a wider project taking place within the Causeway Coast & Glens Council from September 2015 – Feb 2017 funded by the Trust.

If you’d like to find out more, or go along, please click here. 

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