Top 5 Tactics for the 2015 General Election

Top 5 Tactics for the 2015 General Election

10 April 2015

We have selected our top five tips to help your organisation prepare the most effective campaign possible ahead of this year’s general election.

Do you Need to Campaign?

The first question your organisation should be asking itself is very simple.

Do you need to campaign at this stage? You can find the answer to this question by considering the following:

Do you have a policy objective that you would like to achieve?

Would you like to see a change in the law?

Could this election be an opportunity to raise awareness?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then the chances are high that you should now be looking at developing your campaign strategy. 

Draw up a Communications Plan

Planning your campaign will ensure that you achieve the best results. A week to week communications plan should be set-up, developed around the activity that your organisation has taking place over the coming months.

Look at ways that you can catch the attention of your MPs and generate public support. Begin to speak to the media with clear key messages that demonstrate innovation and proven results.

Select a team member to handle media requests and another to be a strong spokesperson. Don’t forget to include a social media strategy, updating your followers on a regular basis across platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Keep your volunteers informed on ways that they can strengthen your campaign.

Be the Early Bird

Talking to your MPs early and in the run up to the election is critical. This is the point when they will be creating their manifestos for their term in office. It is during this stage that you will have the greatest opportunity to influence their policies. Include MPs with invitations to your events. Be personal in your approaches. Send direct letters or emails. Always respond to their enquiries in a timely fashion and remember that communication at this point is vital to the success of your campaign.

Demonstrate Credibility

The strength of your campaign will hang in your ability to demonstrate credibility. Before you begin to lobby, look at the quality of the evidence that you will be working with.

Do you have the facts and figures, results and statistics available to back up what you are saying?

On a personal basis, does your spokesperson have the expertise and the knowledge to speak clearly, openly, intellectually and honestly on the subject?

Strong messages should be conveyed simply, to the point and with clarity.

Tailor your Approach

Every (potential) MP you approach will want to know about the specific impact that your campaign will have on their constituency. A tailored approach will often present much stronger results than a wad of general information.

If you have local case studies or statistics, use them. A locally relevant campaign will carry the most weight.

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