Techies in Residence - E-learning Tool to Beat Childhood Obesity

Techies in Residence - E-learning Tool to Beat Childhood Obesity

18 May 2017

Over the next week or so we will be profiling some of our Techies in Residence projects. Next up we have The Old Library Trust Healthy Living Centre Alliance and Arlene Mooney from The Learning Pool

The Project:  The Old Library Trust has been carrying out some great work over the last five years in addressing the issue of childhood obesity with the delivery of The SWEET Programme (Safe Wellbeing Eating & Exercise Together). The SWEET Programme is a family based childhood obesity prevention and management programme that adopts a community development approach working in the heart of communities on the ground across the Western Health and Social Care Trust area.

The SWEET programme has demonstrated significant impact working with over 1000 families charting improvements in key health outcomes for parents, children and their families. As the SWEET programme is community led, family-focused with parental involvement key, the OLT can only deliver to a certain amount of families due to current funding and staffing levels.

With the Techies In Residence project, it is aimed to move The SWEET Programme forward in this digital age and open the opportunity to broaden the scope of the programme’s impact.

The Challenge:  The OLT and The Learning Pool will now look at ways to reach a much larger audience in order to create impact upon the greater social need. Using a digital mobile platform they can amplify this work to a wider audience.

The Solution:Together the techie and OLT will work to develop an e-learning tool with its own URL that can deliver the programme digitally to a wider audience.

OLT already have extensive training materials and resources which are currently used within the face to face sessions. This includes information on diet, portion sizes, calories, reading labels, play and physical activity advice and recipes. These will now be incorporated into a central e-learning module that will act as a one stop resource for parents.

The E-learning tool will incorporate all the games, quizzes and resources used within the face to face sessions to create an interactive and engaging e-learning module that will be presented as a web page to the end user.

Click here to find out more about the Techies in Residence programme.

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