Tech for Good at FuSIon Fest
The Now Project's JAM Card is one of our Techies in Residence showing what Tech for Good is all about.

Tech for Good at FuSIon Fest

25 August 2017

FuSIon Fest will see some of the best examples of Social Innovation from Northern Ireland and further afield, and through the breakout sessions, we’ll be shining a light and getting hands on with these practitioners and finding out how these innovations can help your organisation, stimulate ideas and spark thoughts to help work with companies and more.

Our session on Tech for Good should be one of the highlights of this:

Technology holds the key for unlocking social innovation- in this hands on session, we’ll hear from some of the most successful local examples of solutions to social problems, including examples from Building Change Trust’s Techies in Residence Programme, which combines the best tech talent in Northern Ireland with social challenges across a range of disciplines.

On the day, we’ll be chatting to some of the organisations that have been through Building Change Trust’s Techies in Residence programme, such as NOW Group’s JAM Card, which was digitised and rolled out after contracting a “Techie”.

Also featuring will be other great examples of how technology can be used to help communities, such as Elemental Software; a cloud-based health engagement solution which fundamentally changes how stakeholders in community health interact to reduce the risk and progression of chronic health conditions, with more to be announced.

For tickets for FuSIon Fest, click here.

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