Seven reasons to Collaborate

Seven reasons to Collaborate

16 July 2014

We believe more, and better, collaboration amongst Northern Ireland’s community and voluntary sector is essential if the on-going needs of individuals and communities are to be better met now and into the future. 

Can we convince you with these reasons? 

To provide a better range of services for beneficiaries

No-one understands your role in the community better than your organisation. Perhaps in the course of your work you have noticed there are gaps where the needs of your beneficiaries cannot be met by the work that you are currently doing, but with some additions you would be able to bridge this gap. Another organisation could help you to provide this service.

To create a stronger brand

Collaboration can make your organisation stronger. Some organisations choose to come together to form a trusted group ‘brand’, combining resources, services and support to benefit all parties.

To support financial savings

By working alongside others, you would have the added benefit of greater purchasing power. This could lead to financial savings for your organisation, which in turn can then be passed on to your beneficiaries through additional services.

To learn something new

It is important to ask, on an ongoing basis, if the resources you have internally are creating the best end results. There could be other organisations that are better placed, with expert skills and knowledge, to help on certain projects and this is when collaboration is important.

To improve sustainability

The VCSE sector is facing a challenging landscape and collaboration between similar organisations can help to combine resources in order to secure the work of your charity for the future.

To combine complementary objectives

If two organisations are working together to provide a similar service, there could be a way to join forces to improve the level of that service from both sides. While this may be acting outside of your personal preferences, it would put the needs of your beneficiaries first.

To increase creativity

The saying that ‘two heads are better than one’ has come from plenty of past human experience that has shown that people are more productive when they work together. Bringing a partner on board could add some new ideas to your organisation that may even increase efficiency and improve services.

For more information on how the Trust is supporting collaboration in Northern Ireland, click here.

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