Meet the board - Joe McVey
Joe McVey (right) with Simon Hamilton MLA and Peter Osborne at the launch of the Open Government Partnership Network in November 2014.

Meet the board - Joe McVey

05 December 2014

As one of the founding directors, Joe McVey has been involved with the Building Change Trust since the get go. Here is how he got started.

How did you become a Director?

I have been involved from the outset around 5 years ago, when a group of organisations came together initially to put a bid in to the Big Lottery to fund the setting up of the Trust. At the time I was the chair of the Volunteer Development Agency and when the bid was successful I was nominated as a Director by this organisation.

What made you want to get involved?

I have been involved in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector for over 30 years in various capacities, as a consultant, a board member and a volunteer. I was very interested to see how investment from the Big Lottery could help to transform the sector for the better and I wanted to be involved in helping to make this happen.

What would you like to see the Trust achieve during its ten years?

I would like to see a number of things happen. Firstly I would like the Trust to transform the sector by raising its profile first and foremost. I would like the public and the government to be aware of the contribution that is being made.

I would also like to see a strategy that underpins the vitality and the independence of the sector, which at times can seem at risk. I also want the sector to look at how it operates and to build on its current level of sustainability.

What area of the Trust’s work do you specialise in?

My area of interest lies in particular in governance and leadership and in trying to support anything that will raise the profile of the sector. I have helped to shape some of the proposals that have come forward in these areas as well as attending and chairing some of the workshops looking at the topic of Open Government.

What was your career background before becoming a Director with the Trust?

I started my career in the VCSE sector before moving into enterprise development and local government. For the past 13 years I have been working in consultancy with 3rd sector organisations, the government and the public sector.

I have been the chair and board member on a number of organisations and have had the opportunity to see the sector from both sides.

How do you think your skills can benefit the organisation?

I hope to bring my experience of the sector as a consultant, an activist and a voluntary board member so that I see the issues from a number of different angles. I know the challenges from within the sector and I want to be able to find solutions using this varied perspective.

Do you think that the Trust is fulfilling its objectives?

I think it is. All of the trustees hope that we are doing something that is useful in terms of the overall scheme of the sector. The budget is relatively small but we have to put that into perspective. We have a role to play and we need to understand what that is and not over play it.

One of the main points of focus for us at the moment is on the issue of general partnership with government and on the sector retaining its independence from government. That is something that is very important.

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