Meet the Techies - David Shawe of Invisible Building

Meet the Techies - David Shawe of Invisible Building

07 January 2016

In the next in our series of Techies in Residence profiles, we meet David Shawe who is going to be working with AWARE...

Over the next number of weeks David will be embedded in the organisation as he works on solving their problem. Read more about that here.

We chatted to David to see what he wants to get out of Techies in Residence.

Tell us a little about yourself and your organisation.

I’m David Shawe, my organisation is my trade-name, Invisible Building. I’ve been trading for a few years now after I graduated from Ulster University in 2011.

As Invisible Building I focus on Web Building, Design Thinking and Branding for Business and Creative Projects. I’ve a passion for Startups, Northern Irish Business, Product Design and Service Design.

What attracted you to the Techies in Residence Programme?

I was attracted to the Techies In Residence programme because it was run by CultureTECH and through CultureTECH I learnt about the Building Change Trust. Both are incredible organisations.

I know more about CultureTECH and I’ve watched them grow during my time living in Derry. I believe the future involves joining Design Thinking with other disciplines which is exactly what is offer with the Techies in Residence programme.

What attracted you to working with AWARE?

I’ve known people who deal with Depression from a very early age and I’ve watched it destroy people unknowingly. I think there is a connection with the addiction of social media and depression with more and more people are affected daily. So it was really inspiring to see a Charity like Aware looking to get involved with the Techies in Residence. I’m also excited about the project itself.

Tell us a little about what’s exciting about this project?

If we continue down the route that we spoke of with the first briefing the outcome will be incredibly exciting, positive and will hopefully inspire and educate. I cant wait to get stuck in. I’m also looking forward to working with the organisation and learning from them as best I can.

What challenges do you think you’re going to face in this process?

Every project has the same challenges, particularly as a one man band. Time management, organisation management and general project management, hopefully from the design side of things everything will go to plan. Depending on how far we get with building the working prototype, there will be new challenges with that too. But I’m looking forward to it.

How do you think this process can help VCSE organisations in Northern Ireland and further afield?

We will showcase what can be done within the set time limit and that will encourage more VCSE organisations to consider other projects like it.

To find out more about this project, and the rest of the Techies in Residence programme check their website - or follow them on Twitter - @techinres.

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