Meet the Board - Margaret Henry

Meet the Board - Margaret Henry

21 November 2014

As one of the newest faces to join the board recently, we wanted to introduce Margaret Henry…

How did you become involved with the board?
I saw the advertisement for new board members and especially that BCT was looking for potential board members with marketing experience.  I was interested to find out more and through the process became even more interested and eager to get involved.

What were your reasons for joining?
I was aware of some of the BCT work but was keen to know more.  I was attracted to the fact that the Trust is trying to do things differently.  I also felt a voice from the arts and culture sector would add to the BCT mix.

What is your relevant experience to date?
I have been chair of two other boards - Community Relations in Schools and the Old Museum Arts Centre (OAMC).  

My involvement in OAMC was at the beginning of the capital and transformation project that has resulted in the MAC. I have always found that serving on a voluntary board is a rewarding experience. 

What you want to see the Trust achieve in its lifespan?
Hopefully the board can deliver on the agreed strategy but more than that, it can ensure a strong and fit for future community and voluntary sector.

I hope that the sector will engage with the work of the Trust and seize the opportunities on offer to meet the ever present challenges of change. 

What do you hope to bring to the table in terms of your key areas of expertise?
My experience is in marketing, communications, strategy and leadership. I hope that having worked in big and small, private, publicly-funded and charitable organisations that I can bring strategic knowledge as well as 20+ years of marketing experience.

What was your knowledge of the Trust's work before joining the board?
I was aware of BCT but confess to only knowing a small amount of what the Trust did. I had read a number of the reports produced and attended some events.  

But I'm really excited about finding out more and making a contribution.

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