Amplify NI Bringing People Together with Young Foundation

Amplify NI Bringing People Together with Young Foundation

13 May 2015

Amplify NI, a Young Foundation initiative funded by the Building Change Trust, is bringing people together from every walk of life - from business leaders to activists, across all communities – to create a momentum for change.

Together, they are identifying new ideas that will make life fairer and more prosperous for all, and taking action to make those ideas happen.

They have launched their storybook, which outlines 25 different innovations, hears from 276 volunteers and covers the 3 shared aspirations of Growing Up, Thriving & Being Heard and Keeping Connected.

Through a combined approach of community-based research and social innovation design, they are building on the strengths and values that are shared across Northern Ireland, and amplifying the innovations that will create a positive future for all.

The Amplify project began by listening to people’s stories and experiences in Northern Ireland. The research was focused in Belfast, Derry-Londonderry and Enniskillen.

Through this research they were able to identify the common aspirations that are valued across the region: a vision of the future where people feel connected, where many different voices are heard and respected, and where young people can grow up with the hope and confidence needed to be the leaders of change.

They also learned about the range of skills and strengths that define different parts of the region, such as craft skills, strong community ties, creative resilience and generosity of spirit.

These strengths are not only alive and thriving in people and communities across Northern Ireland; they are also being harnessed and channelled into new ideas that are creating a process of positive transformation.

They are now supporting innovators from across Northern Ireland who are using these strengths and skills to achieve their vision of a fairer future.

Here are just a few of their stories so far as told in their own words…

The Junction say they “create a critical dialogue involving society with victims of ‘The troubles’ and  connect society with its history and that which casts a shadow over our society today and its pluralist reality”.

Thrive NI partner with Northern Ireland churches to link them, their skills and resources within their local areas to “co-create thriving and flourishing communities”.

Let’s Get Arty promote creativity and social inclusion from an early age, through expressive art forms and fair families in Co Fermanagh, delivering messy play days, outdoor art, art treasure trails, story art (storybook) art resources, library shop, puppet making and festival art.

Tell It In Colour create space and build confidence for communities to encounter new narratives & to tell their untold stories - in order to challenge mainstream narratives. They do this through running storytelling sessions, story coaching, film making and dissemination.

The Social Arts Unlimited aims to activate the untapped potential of art and artists as a catalyst for generating innovation, new networks and new partnerships within organisations working for positive social change in Northern Ireland.

Bee Friends are entrepreneurial seed sellers who are passionate about bees, plants, wildlife, growing, gardens, and homemade or homegrown food. These interests have the power to connect people who are from different backgrounds and of all ages.

Their goal is to work towards sustainability by creating a range of seed products aimed at supporting pollinators in the urban environment and that these products will encourage people to engage with growing.

These are just a few of the exciting and innovative projects and initiatives going on across NI.

In June the Amplify initiative will culminate in a final celebration event where these initiatives will come together with investors and stakeholders from across NI society to map out the next phase of the social innovation movement.

Watch this space and @AmplifyNI on Twitter for more info…

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