An agenda for the Future of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector in Northern Ireland

May 2018



Innovation – the development and implementation of new and better solutions - is as much a necessity in our sector as it is in the private and public sector and it must be nurtured and supported in appropriate ways. Expecting it to happen by accident is not a strategy that will deliver good results. 20

More open and social innovation processes are appropriate in our sector as the function of innovation must be primarily on making more of an impact on needs as opposed to only growing individual organisations. 

Some ideas for action

-We need innovation specific funding and support programmes for the VCSE sector in Northern Ireland including a particular focus on the potential uses of new and digital technology for mission related activity.

-We need to see the development and resourcing of social innovation policy within government and the embracing of that on a cross departmental basis in the context of our outcomes focused Programme for Government.